Government Servants appearing for Examinations privately for acquiring additional qualifications – Prior permission.

Letter No.99147/Per-A/92-4, dated 22.06.1993.
Secretary to Government.
All Secretaries to Government.
All Departments of Secretariat.
All Heads of Departments including District Collectors,
District Judges, Chief Judicial Magaistrates.
            Sub  :    Public Services – Government Servants appearing for      
                         Examinations privately for acquiring additional qualifications –

                         Prior permission.
            Ref :   1., Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Per-A)
                          Department, dated 4.11.92.
                      2. From the Director of Agriculture, Madras, Letter No.MES-3/                              
                         293451/92, dated 9.12.92.
            According to the orders issued in the G.O. cited, a Government servant desirous or acquiring higher qualifications by appearing privately should get prior approval of the Head of the Department.  The Director of Agriculture, in his letter cited has stated that Agriculture Department is a vast Department and if more number of applications are received at Heads of Department level, it will be an additional burden to the Head of Department.  He has therefore requested the Government to consider whether the permission to Government servants for appearing privately for acquiring higher qualifications may be delegated to the District Controlling officer like Joint Director of Agriculture of that Department.  The Inspector General of Prisons, has also enquired whether the Heads of Offices could grant permission in the matter as was done in the case of permission to join correspondence course.  The above question has been examined.  It is considered that there can be no objection if a Head of the Department choses to delegate this power to the Officers subordinate to him.
            2.  I am, therefore, to inform that the power to grant permission to Government servants who are desirous of acquiring higher qualifications by appearing privately, now vested with the Heads of Department as per the orders in the Government Order referred to above may be delegated to the District Controlling Officers like Joint Director/Deputy Director, as the case may be.
            3.  The Heads of Offices shall, however ensure that the grant of such permission to the staff will be without detriment to the normal functioning of the Offices concerned.
                                                                                                Yours faithfully,
                                                                        for  SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT.

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